Slewing cranes & electric chain hoists

Slewing cranes & electric chain hoists
Rugged steel construction
  • Slewing cranes – the giants for lifting and moving
  • Fixing set for wall-mounted jib cranes
  • Special base plates for maximum stability
  • Electric chain hoists also with direct control
  • Stationary versions with or without landing gear


Slewing cranes

Extremely robust welded steel construction to suit loads

Slewing cranes
Free Standing slewing cranes

Jibs made from steel C-channels or hot-rolled steel beams
Columns constructed from sheet steel sections to increase section modulus, cleanly welded
High inherent strength and stability of crane
Special hole pattern in the base plate enables a safe fixing in concrete base
The extremely large slewing range is achieved through a special construction in the column head
The jib is securely attached by parallel retaining plates

Accessory - Mounting set

The slewing cranes are constructed so that, with the aid of an anchor plate and bolts, they can be safely cast into the concrete base and thus ensure maximum stability

Wall-mounted slewing cranes

Load capacities from 250 up to 1000 kg
Jib lengths up to 8 m depending on the model
Chain hoists, mounting sets and special base plates available to suit each model

Electric chain hoists

Many model versions available

Electric chain hoists
Electric chain hoist with 48 V contactor control

Electric chain hoist without trolley
Chain hoist with push trolley
Chain hoist with electric trolley

Electric chain hoist with direct control

Stationary version without trolley
Stationary version with push trolley