Hydraulic jacks and load-moving skates

Hydraulic jacks and load-moving skates
Innovative and easy to handle
  • Raise heavy loads safely
  • Professional engineering in every detail
  • Simple to operate



Hydraulic jack Type JH-G plus

For raising heavy loads safely

Hydraulic jack Type JH-G plus
Design features

Reduced friction due to the sliding shoes, each of which is movable
In every operating condition there is a considerably large area available for force transmission, compared to conventional Jacks.


Lower wear on the guide tracks and higher Efficiency
Lower maintenance costs due to removable pump unit and replaceable slide shoes
Extremely light and high performance thanks to high quality materials and innovative design
Swivelling lifting toe ensures optimal adjustment to the load
Always safe and stable, even when in raised condition

Hydraulic jack set – JSET

High payload | low weight | for mobile lifting

Hydraulic jack set – JSET
Design features
  • Pusher swivels through 180° with or without having to lift the feet
  • High load capacity with low weight
  • The pump is separate from the pusher therefore more flexible in confined spaces
  • Also enables working in the horizontal direction

Adjustable and steerable load-moving skates

For transport in the factory and warehouse

Adjustable and steerable load-moving skates
Design features
  • High quality castors to suit loads fitted as Standard
  • Lighter weight with the same load capacity through improved load cassette design
  • All load-moving skates are immediately ready for use
  • The steering mechanism is supplied with a ball bearing-mounted turntable and drawbar as illustrated
  • The running gear consists of 2 cassettes with a connecting bar

Rotating skate JKB

Load capacity per set 9 t

Rotating skate JKB
Design features
  • The connecting bar simply clamped on to the carrying handle without a tool via the eccentric plates on JKB 1
  • Low dead weight with high load capacity
  • Rotatable through 360°due to ball bearing-mounted swivel Castors
  • Height consistent with skates and steering systems of Series K
  • Extremely versatile used as a set
  • Double castors on the JKB 3 reduce steering and rotational resistance to a minimum


Roller load moving skates

For moving heavy loads weighing many tonnes

Roller load moving skates
Design features
  • Rugged construction for durability and a long service life
  • Low profile (between approx. 7 and 20 mm) reduces tipping hazard, can be used as a mini crane and only requires the load to be lifted a minimum height
  • Low force required to overcome rolling resistance (with large roller diameters under ideal conditions less than 3 % of the total load)
  • Universal transport equipment or heavy roller track
  • Very cost-effective component