Pallet trucks and pallet stackers

Pallet trucks and pallet stackers
Easily manoeuvrable
  • Pallet trucks for loads up to 5t
  • Manual pallet stackers
  • Electrohydraulic pallet stackers


Pallet trucks

Easy rolling transport of loads up to 5t

Pallet trucks
Design features
  • Very agile and easily manoeuvrable
  • Extremely tough and durable steel Frame
  • Maintenance-free hydraulics
  • Lever with 3 functions: Lift – Neutral – Lower
  • The range comprises Manual pallet trucks with normal and short fork lengths, scissor lifts, low profile pallet trucks and weighing pallet trucks

Pallet stackers

Lifting at the press of a button – manual or with electrohydraulic lifting system for the convenient lifting | transport or stacking of loads | lifting and lowering at the press of a button while maintaining constant speed

Pallet stackers
Hydraulic stackers

With a load capacity up to 1.000 kg
Fit through almost every doorway
Extremely robust steel construction

Manual high-lift stackers

Up to 1,5t and 3m lift height
Ideal for the stacking and destacking of pallets

Electric high-lift stackers

Lift heights up to 3,5m
Particularly suitable for tasks such as the loading and unloading of HGVs

Electric pedestrian pallet trucks

Lifting, lowering and driving are electronically controlled
Low weight makes them suitable for truck mounting

Manually operated pallet stackers

Lifting at the press of a button – with electrohydraulic lifting system

Electric pallet stackers

Can be electrically driven up to a lift height of 4.6m


Electric stacker model E-DH1016BF