Hand flatbed trucks

Hand flatbed trucks
The extremely versatile transport aid
  • Hand trucks and hand flatbed trucks in a variety of model versions



Hand flatbed trucks

Extremely robust construction

Hand flatbed trucks
Design features

Primed and painted finish
Impregnated softwood loading area
Choice of solid rubber or pneumatic tyres
Solid rubber: same running characteristics as pneumatic tyres, but with filled puncture-proof filling
Equipped with ball bearing mounted KRAUS quality wheels


Simple Ackermann steering with thrust bearing – rear rigid axle
very robust turntable steering – also suitable for rough outdoor use, lubrication via grease nipple ensures a very long service life

Other model versions

Hand flatbed trucks with modular system
Sheet material transport trucks
Trucks for transporting long loads
Street cleaning carts
Transport trolley for vehicle radiators
Simulator trucks
Movable roller conveyors