Special services

Special services
from batch size 1

We are a conveyor roller manufacturer!

This means we can manufacturer customised conveyor rollers for a wide range of different applications from batch size 1 on the basis of your requirements.

At the same time, the conveyor rollers can be built with various special features for different requirements.

These range from: chrome-plating and phosphating through PU- and powder-coating | polished | galvanized | knurled surfaces | and cambering of the tubes

One of the latest services to be offered by KRAUS is the flocking of conveyor rollers, allowing noise reduction and more gentle treatment of the material to be conveyed.


Tragrolle polieren und verzinken
Polishing and galvanising
Improvement of surface quality and corrosion protection


Tragrollen verchromen
Prevents marking of wooden conveyor rollers. Application in sawmills and timber mills.


Tragrollen phosphatieren
Serves as corrosion protection and to improve the sliding properties of the axle material.


Tragrolle PU - Beschichten
Different layer thicknesses and surface hardnesses go gentle on the material to be conveyed and reduce noise.


Tragrollen Pulverbeschichten
Different properties can be achieved depending on the coating method.


induktivgehärtetes Kettenrad
Inductive-hardened chain wheel
Greater wear-resistance is achieved through hardened tooth flanks.


Tragrolle mit gerändelter Oberfläche
Knurled surface
The knurling achieves improved overdrive to the material to be conveyed.


Rohre bombieren
Tube cambering
Cambering prevents the material to be conveyed from running off course both on the drive and output side.


Tragrollen mit Sonderkettenrädern
Special chain wheels
We produce special chain wheels at customer request.


Tragrollen Sonderbordscheiben
Special flange rings
We product special flange rings at customer request.