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Conveyor rollers are a key component in many logistics solutions. KRAUS produces conveyor rollers for a wide range of applications and industries, such as logistics centres, package distributors, mechanical engineering companies or the food industry. Our product range includes steel, plastic and stainless steel conveyor rollers. Conveyor roller coating materials are just as diverse: From polished to chromed, phosphated, PU coated, knurled, cambered and flocked. In addition, we produce our rollers with a variety of sprockets or flanged wheels. You can design your conveyor rollers with the help of our configurator and then download the free CAD data.

Conveyor rollers directly from the manufacturer.

Gravity rollers

Gravity rollers are manufactured in many different versions for a wide range of applications. They can be used both in gravity-operated conveyor systems and in systems with a manual drive. The load-carrying capacity of a gravity roller is highly variable, depending on the application.

Areas of application

  • for light and heavy goods
  • with manual drive
  • on slopes
  • made of steel, plastic and stainless steel

Power-driven conveyor rollers

Power-driven conveyor rollers are used with round belts, Multi-W belts, toothed belts or chain drives. Power-driven conveyor rollers can be used for goods with a wide range of load-bearing capacities. The most important criteria when choosing a conveyor roller is weight: To transport pallets or containers, for instance, you should choose massive steel rollers with a galvanised surface along with double sprockets; conveyor rollers with a smaller diameter, in contrast, will be sufficient for lighter-weight goods.

Areas of application

  • for light and heavy goods
  • ensure quiet running
  • for dust or water spray-protected environments
  • for protecting conveyed goods

Tapered rollers

Conveyor rollers with a tapered shape are used to safely transport goods around curves. Tapered conveyor rollers are available in a wide range of different versions: from anti-static to water spray or dust-protected variants, with multiple drive combinations available.

Areas of application

  • for use in tight curves
  • low noise level
  • good running properties on curves

Drive rollers

Drive rollers are available with or without gear and can be used in both parcel and pallet conveyor technology.

Areas of application

  • excellent operational lifetime
  • energy-efficient
  • quiet operation
  • almost maintenance-free

Kraus conveyor rollers Special services

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    Improves surface quality
    (and corrosion protection)


    Prevents the carrier rollers from leaving marks on wood


    Improves the sliding properties
    of the axis material
    (and corrosion protection)


    Protects conveyed goods and reduces noise


    We manufacture per your specifications


    A wide range of features
    (depending on the coating process)


    Better wear-resistance
    (thanks to hardened tooth flanks)


    Better carry over to the conveyed material
    (thanks to knurling)


    Prevents the conveyor belt
    from going off of its track
    (on the input or output directions)


    We manufacture per your specifications

Conveyor rollers manufactured in Austria

Over 80 years of experience with an outstanding reputation in internal goods and materials logistics - trusted by numerous logistics companies both domestically and abroad. The ongoing trend towards developing digital sales strategies is characterized by a strong focus on customers and on innovation, and is one reason that so many major global players in conveyor technology and intralogistics trust KRAUS products.

KRAUS Austria has an extensive range of conveyor roller products, and produces around 1 million conveyor rollers each year in over 1500 different variants. The company also manufactures customised solutions even in batch size 1 - at customer request. In addition, KRAUS Austria offers the carrier roller configurator as an outstanding online service to support design engineers in their everyday work.

Customers can assemble their own conveyor rollers from a large number of different variants, then download them for free as 3D CAD models and 2D drawings in their desired format for use in their CAD system. If you have questions, our trained mechanical engineers will be happy to help you by phone, e-mail or video conference.

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